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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


 An important match will be played between Türkiye and Germany in Berlin on Friday. These two favorite teams are expected to lead the group A to qualify EURO 2012. Germany has been playing well for long. They have empowered their squad with new young stars. The most important of them is undoubtedly Mesut Özil who plays for Real Madrid. The interesting point is that Mesut is originally Turkish, but holds German citizenship. He has always played for Germany national football team. He was born and bred in Germany, he is known German everywhere, but he has Turkish descent. It was argued for long when Mesut Özil chose German national team about 2 years ago. Now, the oung star is a bit worried again to be under attack by Turkish people. He warns initially: "If I score, don't proclaim me a traitor please. That is only a game, please be understanding to me. Germany is also my home as well as Türkiye. The match will start at 21.25 (TT) and 20.45 (CET) on Friday 8th of October 2010 in Berlin, Germany. It will be broadcasting on NTV in Türkiye.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Trabzon flies with its new young star: Mustafa Yumlu

 Young star Mustafa Yumlu scored at his Super League debut while Trabzonspor gained very important 3 points tonight. The young defender who is 1.91 tall scored an unexpected goal and brought victory to the Blacksea side. Trabzonspor has approached the peak of the league with this victory. They are just 2 points away from the title, however the eventful Gaziantepspor-Bursaspor match hasn't been decided by TFF yet. It is expected that Bursaspor will gain 3 points from that eventful match and Bursaspor will lead the league 5 points front of the closest opponent which is Trabzonspor. On the other side Kasımpaşa lost against Antalyaspor 3-1 away and saddened its fans again. This was Kasımpaşa's 5th consecutive defeat. They bottomed out in the league with only 2 points.

Bursaspor couldn't win first time in this season

 Bursaspor that lost on last wednesday against Glasgow Rangers at UEFA Champions League clash completed İBB league clash 0-0 and couldn't win after 6 consecutive victories. The match was played at Ali Sami Yen due to Atatürk Olympic Stadium's field's renovation. That boring match saddened Bursaspor fans and Anti-İstanbul supporters. However, Bursaspor still holds the title after seven weeks with 19 points. Bursaspor also remains undefeated. The Croks is still determinant to win the league title again and İBB is also one of the well playing teams in the league. 

Beşiktaş faces Trabzonspor tonight

 Beşiktaş has started the league with a good conduct, they lost only one game in last 6 games and got one draw too. İstanbul's rather well playing team Beşiktaş wants to approach the title by beating Trabzonspor away. The Black Eagles had beated Rapid Wien on last Thursday in Wien at UEFA Euro League clash. On the other side, Trabzonspor wants to end recent bad conduct and play like in the first 3-4 weeks of the league. However, it is easy to observe that Beşiktaş is stronger and favourite of the match. Beşiktaş is ready to win, however Quaresma will not play against Trabzonspor.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Galatasaray Gets "Lost" in Karabük

 Galatasaray lost at the opening game of the week against Karabük with 2-1. The first 15 minute of the game witnessed two goals of the home team's and one of them was argued long. It was a penalty goal and Galatasaray's defender Lucas Neill had not commit a foul, it was a clear tackle. However the referee Aytekin Durmaz gifted a penalty in the first minute of the match to Karabükspor. Karabükspor evaluated the penalty and didn't waste that chance. After that goal Karabükspor kept attacking and found the second goal in 15th minute. Galatasaray's effort brought a late goal in 70s, but this was not enough. Galatasaray left Karabük pointlessly.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Turkish Fans Rely On Bursaspor

 Bursaspor had lost at its debut match 2 weeks ago against Valencia at home. This unlucky defeat taught some important things to the Crocks. The Croks have always been self confident since they qualified the UEFA Champions League. Now, green-white Turkish team is determinant to gain point from away match against Glasgow Rangers.The footballers delivered hopeful speeches before the match in the airport. The legend coach Ertuğrul Sağlam is also hopeful and aims to gain 15 points from rest of the matches to qualify next round. There is no reason we to be hopeless after just losing one match he added. The match will start at 21.45 (TT) and 20.45 (CET) and will be broadcasting on Star TV. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What A Disgrace to the Turkish Football: Ali Sami Yen

 Last night, I was at Ali Sami Yen Stadium for watching Kasımpaşa-Fenerbahçe match. Do you believe that the stadium has 2 gates to host about 7000 fans. I am talking about the covered stand of the stadium. We waited in front of the gates for half an hour. Everyone was pushing each other and some Fenerbahçe fans that I never seen them before among the Kasımpaşa fans at Kasımpaşa Stadium were the source of that mess. They stucked the limited entrances and security system was totally out of order. In the end, all fans standing for half an hour pressed more and broke the stadium's gate. By the way a number of people entered the stadium illegally. No ticket control was made by the staff. It was a real scandal in history of Turkish football. I wish I will never go to Ali Sami Yen Hell again. If it is necessary to mention about the match. It was a little bit odd. 8 goals were scored and Kasımpaşa lost. Kasımpaşa found the first goal in the match, but after stupid player Ersen Martin caused a penalty, the match's destiny totally changed. Kasımpaşa is looking for the next match to gain first 3 points in this season, whlist Fenerbahçe took a fresh breath after losing points in last matches.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Kasımpaşa is ready to beat Fenerbahçe

 Kasımpaşa has started this season with a bad conduct. The team received 3 consecutive defeats in last three matches. However, the team doesn't play bad, it gives some clues about their football quality. Kasımpaşa finds some ocassions during matches, but some unlucky moments ruin all of the matches. The team carries big hopes for Fenerbahçe clash. Kasımpaşa had beated Fenerbahçe away last season 3-1, and Yılmaz Vural is very self confident before the match. Tonight, Ali Sami Yen will witness an exceptional match in its history. 

Former Referee Ferhat Gülebaş's Team Wins at Astro Pitch Clash

 One of İstanbul's former referees Ferhat Gülebaş and his amateur club HFK played one of their regular astro pitch matches in Camialtı Astro Pitch in Beyoğlu - İstanbul. The referee's team won by 15-11. The referee, Ferhat Gülebaş scored one but mostly played as a defender. The match was going by 11-11 draw and Ferhat Gülebaş made a critical move to stop his rival and got the ball just before the goal line. After this minute, Ferhat's team attacked more and found the goals they needed. Young star Emre Sefer also put a big effort on the pitch.Everyone was tired after this exciting match.
Ferhat Gülebaş's Referee License:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Developments From Bursaspor, Kasımpaşa and Trabzonspor

 Bursaspor played an unlucky match on monday. The team was leading the match by one goal and some Gaziantepspor fans threw some matters to the field. One of the matters corresponded one of the match's linesmen. The referee decided the match to suspend. The match's result will be decided by TFF. It seems Bursaspor will gain 3 points after all, because Gaziantepspor fans caused that case and Gaziantepspor officials were reponsible for the match's security.
 Kasımpaşa has 2 points in 5 matches yet. This puts big pressure on the footballers and the coach Yılmaz Vural. Their rival is Fenerbahçe at 6th week clash. They are determinant to beat Fenerbahçe, they had beated Fenerbahçe away last season by 3-1. Another statistic supports that Yılmaz Vural's teams always beat Fenerbahçe. This has been proven many times and now Kasımpaşa needs 3 points excessively.
 Trabzonspor is being pointed as a favourite to get title in the league this season. However they lost against pointless Manisaspor last week at home. This was a big shame and shock for the fans. Nobody was expecting this shocking result. Today, the coach Şenol Güneş made a report and admitted: I am not happy here, but I am peaceful. This statement was perceived as an interesting report by the media. How can a person not be happy and be peaceful at the same time? This is the question.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fenerbahçe visits Ali Sami Yen Exceptionally

Photo: Kasımpaşa had beated Fenerbahçe at Kadıköy last season.
 Kasımpaşa-Fenerbahçe match's place has changed. Due to Kasımpaşa Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Stadium's construction and BJK İnönü Stadium's bad field, TFF decided the match to be played at Galatasaray's Ali Sami Yen. Kasımpaşa fans are satisfied with the decision.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Stop Conscription in Türkiye!..

(Photo: No for prototype conscription, even no conscription at all!..)
 Turkish youth has been suffering conscription (compulsory military service) for long. Nowadays it is being argued to be extended the duration of the military service for university graduates. The framework of the legislation anticipates that the military service (6 months for each university graduate) should be extended to 12 months and by the way non university graduates and university graduates' military service duration should be equal. Türkiye is the only member of the European Council which applies conscription except Azerbaijan. This backward application is boring the Turkish youth. The law wastes the youth's the most productive time at barracks. Well educated youth feel frustrated about the prospective legislation. It is predicted that the legislation won't pass from the T.B.M.M (The Turkish Assembly) and only The Turkish Army requests this ridiculous legislation. Turkish youth is looking forward to helping hands that can solve this concription problem from both inside and outside the country. The Prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan doesn't seem willing toward the prospective legislation, however the press are behaving like the legislation has been approved. Living in such a country sometimes gets vauge. The youth is unifying under a facebook page:  Please help them.  

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recent View of Turkish Leagues

 Beşiktaş defeated CSKA Sofia at UEFA Euro League however Bursaspor frustrated Turkish fans with its upset  against Valencia. The Super League's 5th week has witnessed Kasımpaşa's defeat against Ankaragücü and Karabükspor's victory against Gençlerbirliği so far. The week ends with Fenerbahçe-Beşiktaş match. On the other side Bank Asya 1.Lig is being played on its boring tempo, so we don't mention about it. Ones who are willing to follow it may watch TRT by entering the channels' web site. It is predicted that the league will gain excitement toward the end of the league or the beginning of the second half of the league. That is enough for now.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bursaspor is ready to stir the Turkish up!

 Last champion Bursaspor is ready for its debut at the Champions League. The crocks is the first Turkish team that will play at the league out of İstanbul. Bursaspor-Valencia match will be broadcasted on Star TV (not satellite) at 21.45 (TT) and 20.45 (CET) and will be refereed by Norwegian referee Svein Oddvar.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Turkish National Basketball Team Reaches World Cup Final

 Türkiye has reached World Cup 2010 final after dramatic Serbia match which Türkiye won at the last 4 seconds. Serbia had leaded majority of the match, and they were very good at  both 3 points throws and free throws. Teodosic was the most successful player of Serbia and had been big danger for Türkiye during the match. However, Türkiye defended well and blocked Serbian throws in the last period. Türkiye's 3 pts throws were also successful in that period. Serbia was still leading the game by 1 point when just 4 seconds left. Miraclously, Türkiye found a gap and finished its attack with Kerem Tunçeri's unexpected dunk and shocked Serbia. After this basket, Serbia had chance to attack in 3 seconds but, they couldn't use that ocassion properly and also time was limited. When the time was up, Every Turk was celebrating that legendary result. Türkiye has reached final match first time in World Cup history. Now, it is time to get the title against USA. The final will be played tonight at 21.30 (Turkish Time) and 20.30 (CET).

The Crocks keep winning while Fenerbahçe is sinking

 Last champion Bursaspor reached 12 points after 4th week clash against Eskişehir 2-1 and has no lose yet. The crocks will host Spanish side Valencia at UEFA Champions League clash on tuesday. The crocks are self-confident before their champions league debut and the whole football fans of any team's in Türkiye are also excited about that match. 

 Fenerbahçe lost against Kayserispor in Kayseri 2-0 and received 2nd defeat in 4 matches. It is not understandable that Fenerbahçe spends a big amount of money for transfers, however they can't succeed and always go smash. Fenerbahçe keeps rejoicing its rivals.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Türkiye Doesn't Forgive Belgium!..

 Türkiye didn't give a chance to Belgium at EURO 2012 Qualification game in İstanbul. Initially Belgium found a goal after a corner kick by Van Buyten and the first half ended 0-1. Türkiye was determinant and started the second half with a goal by Hamit Altıntop. Hamit found the ball just outside the penalty area and shot, the ball returned him from the defence, he shot once again and succeeded to score 1-1. After that minute Türkiye increased its pressure and this pressure caused Belgian defender Kompany's sending off. After he sent off, Türkiye didn't delay to go ahead and Semih scored after Hamit's right wing pass. Türkiye suffered lack of concentrate for a while and Belgium found the equalizer after a free kick. However, Türkiye was determinant to reach victory and found the goal they needed by Arda Turan again after a right wing organisation (3-2). By the way, Türkiye gained 6 points in 2 matches. Türkiye will face Germany on away next match.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Hiddink: We know Belgium's weaknesses

 Türkiye's coach Guus Hiddink admitted that they know Belgium's weaknesses and aim to catch them. He reminded that the team made a good start and has caught a good conduct recently. The experienced Dutch coach Hiddink added  "The teams's positive sides are seen both in trainings and matches, we have already been a good team and become stronger now. Khazakstan match may seemed a piece of cake, however they played well disciplinarily. Discipline is the key factor, we can't deny it and we will never. I also believe our fans against Belgium on Tuesday. Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium's ambience will be a vital factor for the match."

Friday, September 3, 2010

Türkiye Smashes Khazakstan Once More

 Türkiye didn't strain to beat Khazakstan in Astana. Bursaspor's captain Ömer Erdoğan lifted the curtain by his awesome header, the ball pounced the bar and fell on the goal line. Arda Turan just touched 1-0. Second goal was magnificent. The ball came out of the penalty area from air and Hamit was ready to kick it intensively. He fitted the ball on his foot and he scored an unforgettable goal. The third goal is scored by Nihat in the second half. Nihat got the ball right side of the goalkeeper and he scored from a narrow angle 3-0. By the way Türkiye made a good start for EURO 2012. The nation is ready for Belgium clash on Tuesday.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Turkish National Team Faces Khazakstan and Belgium For Euro 2012

Turkish National Football Team starts its adventure in Khazakstan on September the 3rd. Later the team will host Belgium in İstanbul on September the 7th. The squad announced:

Goalkeepers: Hakan Arıkan (Beşiktaş), Onur Recep Kıvrak (Trabzonspor), Sinan Bolat (Standart Liege)

Defenders: Gökhan Gönül (Fenerbahçe), Sabri SarıoğluServet Çetin, Gökhan Zan, Hakan Kadir Balta (Galatasaray), Ömer Erdoğan (Bursaspor), İbrahim Toramanİsmail Köybaşı (Beşiktaş)

Midfielders: Hamit Altıntop (Bayern Münih), Kazım Kazım, Selçuk Şahin,Emre BelözoğluÖzer Hurmacı (Fenerbahçe), Mehmet Aurelio (Beşiktaş), Nuri Şahin(Borussia Dortmund), Selçuk İnan (Trabzonspor), Arda Turan (Galatasaray)

Forwards: Tuncay Şanlı (Stoke City), Semih Şentürk (Fenerbahçe), Sercan Yıldırım (Bursaspor), Nihat Kahveci (Beşiktaş), Halil Altıntop (Eintracht Frankfurt

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wasteless Week For Bursaspor and 3 İstanbulers

 When we are leaving behind the 3rd week of the Super League last champion Bursaspor is still wasteless and has grabbed 9 points in 3 matches. This shows that they are more determinant than the last season which they won the title at the final week of the season. 3 İstanbulers (Galatasaray,Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş) managed to gain 3 points at the same week and they partly got the pressure away from them. Another İstanbul team İBB played very well against Kasımpaşa and didn't strain to win. They are the best passing players in the league. On the other side Trabzon is playing the last match of the week against Medical Park Antalyaspor in Antalya. Trabzonspor has very good conduct in recent games and they are close to win against their weak rival Medical Park Antalyaspor.

Super League's 3rd week is being played

Kasımpaşa lost this weekend against İBB 3-1. Tonight, alleged 3 bigs will play their matches. On the other side last champion Bursaspor continues to win. They won their 3rd match in the league in 3rd week. Beşiktaş is playing against Karabük away, Fenerbahçe is playing at home without audiance (due to ban) and Galatasaray is playing its destiny match in Eskişehir. In case of Galatasaray's lose, coach Rijkaard most probably resigns. Fenerbahçe has golkeeper problem and they seem not to close 3 points. Beşiktaş is strong enough to beat Karabükspor, even they play away.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Greek Terrorists Exceed!..

 After Fenerbahçe-PAOK match, Greek fans (terrorists) started to attack everybody they could see. Once Fenerbahçe fans stopped their bus and started the fight. Fenerbahçe fans actually deserved that fight, but Greek fans exceeded and started to harm innocent people. Greek terrorists brought to police station and they were deported from Turkey immediately. 

Disaster UEFA Night for Turkish Teams

Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Trabzonspor eliminated from UEFA Euro League at the same night. Only Beşiktaş managed to exist by beating HJK Helsinki 4-0 in Finland. On the other side last champion Bursaspor will represent Turkey at Champions League. Bursaspor is loved and supported by everybody in Turkey except Fenerbahçe fans. By the way the old term "3 Bigs" has changed. Bursaspor recognizes no rival in the league. The nation has big expectations for Bursaspor.
Trabzonspor was unlucky
Although Trabzonspor scored in 4th minute, they couldn't manage to result the match succesfully and they conceded 2  goals in last 10 minutes from Liverpool.

Bursaspor's Champions League Group Determines


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


LIVERPOOL-TRABZONSPOR: Trabzon is very succesful nowadays. Trabzon is strong enough to score against Liverpool. If they can defend themselves it is not a big suprise for Trabzonspot to eliminate Liverpool. Trabzonspor has to win, and I believe they will.

HJK-BEŞİKTAŞ: Beşiktaş had won the first leg, but they lost in the league last weekend. Beşiktaş is favourite. I think Beşiktaş doesn't lose in Finland and goes through the group stage.

KARPATY-GALATASARAY: Galatasaray will play without Kewell and they have very bad conduct recent games. The performances of the players are very bad and the coach Rijkaard's future is being argued. 

FENERBAHÇE-PAOK: Fenerbahçe will be able to get needed score I think. If Paok scores, this may be a big problem for them. Fenerbahçe seems to score 2 or 3.

Monday, August 23, 2010

It always happens: No escape from The Storm!..

 Trabzonspor defeated Fenerbahçe again. As we wrote here, Trabzonspor didn't give any chance to Fenerbahçe and beated it. Yattara showed himself during the match, however he missed an unbelieveable ocassion in the second half. The result is 3-2. This is destiny of Fenerbahçe, there is no way for them to beat Trabzonspor.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


 Trabzonspor faces Fenerbahçe at Avni Aker Stadium tonight. Last season, Trabzonspor had blocked Fenerbahçe's pennants twice (Super League and The Cup). The last week of the last season had witnessed a dramatic end and Fenerbahçe had lost its league pennant with 1-1  draw in İstanbul. Fenerbahçe had also lost against Trabzon at Turkish Cup final by 3-1. Now, Fenerbahçe is worried about to lose again versus Trabzon. They should be, because it seems no way out Trabzon.

The Crocodile Has No Compassion

 Last champion Bursaspor defeated Galatasaray by 2-0. Bursaspor played wisely and kept the game in balance. At the same time they attacked and found ocassions to score. On Galatasaray side, there was a terrible football mentality. None of the players showed any willing to play intensively. As we predicted before, Bursaspor beated them easily. By the way Galatasaray remained pointless. The coach Frank Rijkaard's future is being argued.

Last Champion Bursaspor faces Galatasaray at 2nd week clash

 Last champion Bursaspor is preparing to gain 3 points from İstanbul Ali Sami Yen. Last season Galatasaray-Bursa match was drawn golless. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Beşiktaş lost unexpectedly

Beşiktaş lost against İ.B.B at İnönü. İbrahim Akın and İskender Alın scored İBB's goals. By this match Beşiktaş remained at 3 points, on the other side İBB gained it first points.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


UEFA Europe League Play Off matches witnessed big shame of Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray. Galatasaray saved the draw (2-2) in the second half, meanwhile Fenerbahçe lost in Greece against PAOK (1-0).
The other representative Trabzonspor lost 1-0 against Liverpool at Anfield, but put a great struggle on the field. Onur Recep Kıvrak saved a penalty kick and didn't let the score to be 2-0. However all of the teams have brought their chances for second leg matches.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beşiktaş Gets Advantage For Group Stage

Beşiktaş defeated Finnish team HJK Helsinki by 2-0 at İnönü Stadium in UEFA Europe League play-off match. Hilbert lifted the curtain and Q7 sealed the result 2-0. Liverpool-Trabzonspor, Paok-Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray-Karpaty matches will be played on Thursday.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Last champion Bursaspor beated Konyaspor 1-0. Sercan Yıldırım scored. Meanwhile Kayserispor beated İ.B.B 2-0.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Ankaragücü - Trabzonspor 0-2
Kardemir Karabükspor - Manisaspor 2-1
Fenerbahçe - Medical Park Antalyaspor 4-0
Fenerbahçe has started the league with a tremendous result. The league's new team Karabükspor and Trabzonspor also gained 3 points.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beşiktaş Wins, Eskişehir and Gençlerbirliği Draw

 Beşiktaş beated the league's new team Bucaspor 1-0  in İzmir. Bobo brought the victory with his goal assisted by Guti. Gençlerbirliği and Eskişehir drawed goalless.

Sivas Shocks Galatasaray at 4 Eylül Stadium

Sivasspor won against Galatasaray tonight. The first match of the league saddened Galatasaray side whereas Sivasspor celebrated its victory. Mustafa Sarp scored and the score was 1-0 at the beginning. Later, Sivasspor found the equalizer by Zita 1-1. The first half completed with 1-1. Sivasspor's young star Cihan got his team ahead in 60'  (2-1) and that goal was the last goal of the match.

Kasımpaşa Draws With Gaziantepspor Goalless

 The league's opening game witnessed no goal and the match ended goalless. Kasımpaşa played better in the first half, but there was a balance in the second half . Each team gained 1 point by the way. Kasımpaşa's new transfers Dimitrov and Varela looked dangerous during the match.


Super League's average team Fenerbahçe bought Mamadou Niang from Marseille by paying 7 million Euros. Duration of the contract will be 2+1. Meanwhile the Senegalese star is preparing to say goodbye to his fans in Marseille. Marseille fans are not satisfied with this transfer whereas Fenerbahçe's are very happy.


First matches of Super League will be played tonight. The schedule of the day is:

20:00 Gaziantepspor - Kasımpaşa
20:00 Sivasspor - Galatasaray
22:00 Eskişehirspor - Gençlerbirliği
22:00 Bucaspor - Beşiktaş

Friday, August 13, 2010


Super League's loved team Kasımpaşa is looking forward to meeting its fans. The team will play its first match away in Gaziantep, then they will play against Bucaspor at Beşiktaş İnönü Stadium. This is because, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Stadium will be under construction until the 6th week of the league. The renovated stadium's first visitor will be Fenerbahçe.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


22 years old forward player Halil Çolak has been transferred from Dutch side Cambuur FC to Turkish side Kasımpaşa. The press had allegated that Halil Çolak would sign for Galatasaray. In spite of everything the young star has signed for Kasımpaşa. He admitted that he believes the power of Kasımpaşa and will show what he can do best for his new team.
Çolak is famous with his long distance shoots and free kick goals. He have played for Twente, Cambuur and Go Ahead Eagles so far. He scored 17 goals in 61 matches.


Spor Toto (Official Bet Company of Turkey) has signed a sponsorship agreement with TFF (Turkish Football Association). By the way, Super League will be called "Spor Toto Super League" during 5 years. Known as the league used to be called "Turkcell Super League".


Trabzonspor's coach Şenol Güneş admitted that he thinks Liverpool is favourite to go through the group stage, in spite of everything Trabzonspor is determined. Şenol Güneş added:
- If we win our gaining will be huge, yet in case of a defeat we don't lose much than a match.