Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Last Developments From Bursaspor, Kasımpaşa and Trabzonspor

 Bursaspor played an unlucky match on monday. The team was leading the match by one goal and some Gaziantepspor fans threw some matters to the field. One of the matters corresponded one of the match's linesmen. The referee decided the match to suspend. The match's result will be decided by TFF. It seems Bursaspor will gain 3 points after all, because Gaziantepspor fans caused that case and Gaziantepspor officials were reponsible for the match's security.
 Kasımpaşa has 2 points in 5 matches yet. This puts big pressure on the footballers and the coach Yılmaz Vural. Their rival is Fenerbahçe at 6th week clash. They are determinant to beat Fenerbahçe, they had beated Fenerbahçe away last season by 3-1. Another statistic supports that Yılmaz Vural's teams always beat Fenerbahçe. This has been proven many times and now Kasımpaşa needs 3 points excessively.
 Trabzonspor is being pointed as a favourite to get title in the league this season. However they lost against pointless Manisaspor last week at home. This was a big shame and shock for the fans. Nobody was expecting this shocking result. Today, the coach Şenol Güneş made a report and admitted: I am not happy here, but I am peaceful. This statement was perceived as an interesting report by the media. How can a person not be happy and be peaceful at the same time? This is the question.

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