Monday, September 27, 2010

Former Referee Ferhat Gülebaş's Team Wins at Astro Pitch Clash

 One of İstanbul's former referees Ferhat Gülebaş and his amateur club HFK played one of their regular astro pitch matches in Camialtı Astro Pitch in Beyoğlu - İstanbul. The referee's team won by 15-11. The referee, Ferhat Gülebaş scored one but mostly played as a defender. The match was going by 11-11 draw and Ferhat Gülebaş made a critical move to stop his rival and got the ball just before the goal line. After this minute, Ferhat's team attacked more and found the goals they needed. Young star Emre Sefer also put a big effort on the pitch.Everyone was tired after this exciting match.
Ferhat Gülebaş's Referee License:

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