Monday, October 11, 2010


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


 An important match will be played between Türkiye and Germany in Berlin on Friday. These two favorite teams are expected to lead the group A to qualify EURO 2012. Germany has been playing well for long. They have empowered their squad with new young stars. The most important of them is undoubtedly Mesut Özil who plays for Real Madrid. The interesting point is that Mesut is originally Turkish, but holds German citizenship. He has always played for Germany national football team. He was born and bred in Germany, he is known German everywhere, but he has Turkish descent. It was argued for long when Mesut Özil chose German national team about 2 years ago. Now, the oung star is a bit worried again to be under attack by Turkish people. He warns initially: "If I score, don't proclaim me a traitor please. That is only a game, please be understanding to me. Germany is also my home as well as Türkiye. The match will start at 21.25 (TT) and 20.45 (CET) on Friday 8th of October 2010 in Berlin, Germany. It will be broadcasting on NTV in Türkiye.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Trabzon flies with its new young star: Mustafa Yumlu

 Young star Mustafa Yumlu scored at his Super League debut while Trabzonspor gained very important 3 points tonight. The young defender who is 1.91 tall scored an unexpected goal and brought victory to the Blacksea side. Trabzonspor has approached the peak of the league with this victory. They are just 2 points away from the title, however the eventful Gaziantepspor-Bursaspor match hasn't been decided by TFF yet. It is expected that Bursaspor will gain 3 points from that eventful match and Bursaspor will lead the league 5 points front of the closest opponent which is Trabzonspor. On the other side Kasımpaşa lost against Antalyaspor 3-1 away and saddened its fans again. This was Kasımpaşa's 5th consecutive defeat. They bottomed out in the league with only 2 points.

Bursaspor couldn't win first time in this season

 Bursaspor that lost on last wednesday against Glasgow Rangers at UEFA Champions League clash completed İBB league clash 0-0 and couldn't win after 6 consecutive victories. The match was played at Ali Sami Yen due to Atatürk Olympic Stadium's field's renovation. That boring match saddened Bursaspor fans and Anti-İstanbul supporters. However, Bursaspor still holds the title after seven weeks with 19 points. Bursaspor also remains undefeated. The Croks is still determinant to win the league title again and İBB is also one of the well playing teams in the league. 

Beşiktaş faces Trabzonspor tonight

 Beşiktaş has started the league with a good conduct, they lost only one game in last 6 games and got one draw too. İstanbul's rather well playing team Beşiktaş wants to approach the title by beating Trabzonspor away. The Black Eagles had beated Rapid Wien on last Thursday in Wien at UEFA Euro League clash. On the other side, Trabzonspor wants to end recent bad conduct and play like in the first 3-4 weeks of the league. However, it is easy to observe that Beşiktaş is stronger and favourite of the match. Beşiktaş is ready to win, however Quaresma will not play against Trabzonspor.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Galatasaray Gets "Lost" in Karabük

 Galatasaray lost at the opening game of the week against Karabük with 2-1. The first 15 minute of the game witnessed two goals of the home team's and one of them was argued long. It was a penalty goal and Galatasaray's defender Lucas Neill had not commit a foul, it was a clear tackle. However the referee Aytekin Durmaz gifted a penalty in the first minute of the match to Karabükspor. Karabükspor evaluated the penalty and didn't waste that chance. After that goal Karabükspor kept attacking and found the second goal in 15th minute. Galatasaray's effort brought a late goal in 70s, but this was not enough. Galatasaray left Karabük pointlessly.