Monday, September 20, 2010

Stop Conscription in Türkiye!..

(Photo: No for prototype conscription, even no conscription at all!..)
 Turkish youth has been suffering conscription (compulsory military service) for long. Nowadays it is being argued to be extended the duration of the military service for university graduates. The framework of the legislation anticipates that the military service (6 months for each university graduate) should be extended to 12 months and by the way non university graduates and university graduates' military service duration should be equal. Türkiye is the only member of the European Council which applies conscription except Azerbaijan. This backward application is boring the Turkish youth. The law wastes the youth's the most productive time at barracks. Well educated youth feel frustrated about the prospective legislation. It is predicted that the legislation won't pass from the T.B.M.M (The Turkish Assembly) and only The Turkish Army requests this ridiculous legislation. Turkish youth is looking forward to helping hands that can solve this concription problem from both inside and outside the country. The Prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan doesn't seem willing toward the prospective legislation, however the press are behaving like the legislation has been approved. Living in such a country sometimes gets vauge. The youth is unifying under a facebook page:  Please help them.  

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