Saturday, October 2, 2010

Galatasaray Gets "Lost" in Karabük

 Galatasaray lost at the opening game of the week against Karabük with 2-1. The first 15 minute of the game witnessed two goals of the home team's and one of them was argued long. It was a penalty goal and Galatasaray's defender Lucas Neill had not commit a foul, it was a clear tackle. However the referee Aytekin Durmaz gifted a penalty in the first minute of the match to Karabükspor. Karabükspor evaluated the penalty and didn't waste that chance. After that goal Karabükspor kept attacking and found the second goal in 15th minute. Galatasaray's effort brought a late goal in 70s, but this was not enough. Galatasaray left Karabük pointlessly.

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