Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What A Disgrace to the Turkish Football: Ali Sami Yen

 Last night, I was at Ali Sami Yen Stadium for watching Kasımpaşa-Fenerbahçe match. Do you believe that the stadium has 2 gates to host about 7000 fans. I am talking about the covered stand of the stadium. We waited in front of the gates for half an hour. Everyone was pushing each other and some Fenerbahçe fans that I never seen them before among the Kasımpaşa fans at Kasımpaşa Stadium were the source of that mess. They stucked the limited entrances and security system was totally out of order. In the end, all fans standing for half an hour pressed more and broke the stadium's gate. By the way a number of people entered the stadium illegally. No ticket control was made by the staff. It was a real scandal in history of Turkish football. I wish I will never go to Ali Sami Yen Hell again. If it is necessary to mention about the match. It was a little bit odd. 8 goals were scored and Kasımpaşa lost. Kasımpaşa found the first goal in the match, but after stupid player Ersen Martin caused a penalty, the match's destiny totally changed. Kasımpaşa is looking for the next match to gain first 3 points in this season, whlist Fenerbahçe took a fresh breath after losing points in last matches.

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