Sunday, September 12, 2010

Turkish National Basketball Team Reaches World Cup Final

 Türkiye has reached World Cup 2010 final after dramatic Serbia match which Türkiye won at the last 4 seconds. Serbia had leaded majority of the match, and they were very good at  both 3 points throws and free throws. Teodosic was the most successful player of Serbia and had been big danger for Türkiye during the match. However, Türkiye defended well and blocked Serbian throws in the last period. Türkiye's 3 pts throws were also successful in that period. Serbia was still leading the game by 1 point when just 4 seconds left. Miraclously, Türkiye found a gap and finished its attack with Kerem Tunçeri's unexpected dunk and shocked Serbia. After this basket, Serbia had chance to attack in 3 seconds but, they couldn't use that ocassion properly and also time was limited. When the time was up, Every Turk was celebrating that legendary result. Türkiye has reached final match first time in World Cup history. Now, it is time to get the title against USA. The final will be played tonight at 21.30 (Turkish Time) and 20.30 (CET).

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